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Planning and evaluation September 18, 2008

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We’ve been thinking about evaluation and planning a lot this week.  Went to a fantastic meeting as part of the North West Hub’s project ‘Pathways and Progression’.  We were encouraged to focus in on the fundamental aims of our projects and from there work out how we would evaluate that.  The ‘aim’ was defined as the fundamentals of what we are trying to achieve, and everything else is about how we are going to achieve that.  These aims could be long term aims, with the current projects being a small part of a longer term goal.

So I’ve been reviewing my planning (see our year plan sketch on the right), disecting the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority website, and deciding where to focus our aims for the two projects we’re working on.

We need to consider a whole host of things including the wider University and Museum aims, the Museum’s learning team aims, what the project funders are looking for, what schools and students want, what the curriculum says and why we work with artists and why they want to work with us.  By separating the aims between Teachers and Schools, Young People, and Museums and Museum Staff (within which I’ve included a sub-heading for Artists) its helped me to really think about why we are doing what we are doing and for who, and to work out how to balance that between the participants.

So we could easily have a million and one aims (especially when you think about everyone involved separately) but what we’re going to do now is work out where to focus for the forthcoming year, how we work out how successful we have been, and how that can help us to develop the programme for the future.