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Looking back and moving forward September 17, 2010

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Time for a new artist to take the helm of the Arts programme for Secondary Schools and Colleges.  I’ve been steering the way for a good while now but will shortly be moving on.  As an artist and educator I couldn’t have asked to work somewhere with a greater wealth of resources.  I know from working closely with students, teachers and artists that the Museum is an extraordinary place for creativity, inspiration, critical thinking, and passion – so I can’t wait to hear how the Secondary School Arts programming continues this year and beyond.

I still get that tingle down my spine as I walk through the Egypt gallery and the leap in my stomach as I round the corner towards my old friend Stan.  I’ve felt privileged to share that through projects which made the Museum more accessible to young people, making space for them to explore the Museum on their own terms and to share their own sets of sensitivities.  By enabling young people to have the type of freedom that artists usually enjoy,  we’ve been able to forge new meanings and dialogues – both oral and visual.  I believe each visit by a young person has changed the Museum – just a little bit – for them, me and everyone else who visits and works here.

The Museum is a changing place and it’s increasingly changing the world around it too.  It will be hard to let go with so many exciting things coming up – the China exhibition, new natural and archaeological displays, new programming for schools, colleges, community groups and the public.  For me it’s always been about the Museum as a whole: its people, places and collections.  Thank you to everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with: staff, teachers, artists, academics and students alike.  You’ve really brought the building and it’s contents to life!  Kate Day


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