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Dublin discovered – a few of my favourite things July 8, 2010

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What better way to consider collaborative cross-curricular working within your team than to hop out of your routine for a few days and discover some cool stuff together?

That’s just what the Secondary and Post 16 Learning Team did a few weeks ago and I’m still being inspired.

As the Lead Arts Educator I relished the opportunity to drag some of my more ‘science-y’ colleagues around art galleries – but, of course, they didn’t need any dragging!

A few of my favourite things:

‘smiles on scientists’ – Alexa’s (Lead Educator for Science) face when we finally made it to the Science Gallery and it’s exhibition of coral reef crochet.  Also meeting the exhibitions curator and hearing about the science/art approach.

‘drawing in galleries’ – taking a bit of time out at the National Gallery to sit and do some drawing

‘aura and authenticity’ – going to the Natural History Museum and the spectacle of the displays (also the VS staff who was really keen to let us know we could take photos – much appreciated!)

‘art and ideas’ – speaking to the Learning Curator at Ireland’s Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), especially her thoughtful approach to working with artists and how she is approaching engagement with modern and contemporary art ( with an emphasis on ideas and dialogue rather than hands on making)

‘chilled and contemplative’ – cool concrete The Douglas Hyde Gallery – a hidden gem where we loved the Americana in Stephen Shaw’s photography

‘dirty pretty things’ – the mosaics and gold in the Archaeology Museum – my precious

‘liquid beef’ – drinking Guinness – exploring identity in a drink 😉

Natural History Museum, Dublin

The Guiness experience


One Response to “Dublin discovered – a few of my favourite things”

  1. Louise Says:

    I still find it hard to believe how much we crammed into 3 days – lots of food for thought. One of things I took away with me, after our meting with Lisa at IMMA, were those fabulous essays they have on ‘What is….’ so in the spirit of sharing, here is the link!


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