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Lots of lovely schools October 19, 2009

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Nearly half way through the term again and schools have been coming and making some show-stopping art work. So here’s the full unedited gallery from three of the sessions:  To the Skeleton, Draw to Explore and an insect research session…

Just a couple of weeks ago we went ‘To The Skeleton’ with Manchester Health Academy – we made negative scissor drawings, through-acetate drawings, and then mixed it all up.

Ewing School came and took over our Entomology stores for two afternoons and gave us some thoughtful insight on the new Nature Discovery displays.  Both groups even managed to squeeze in the time to make some breathtaking study-drawings using good old-fashioned pencil and paper – a classic combination!  They left us with lots of promises that they would come back and show us the sculpture work developed from their studies, so watch this space!

The Draw to Explore session with Tarleton High School seemed to develop it’s own ‘time’ theme, with the students drawing what they could see out of the tower window as well as what they discovered inside.  Maybe they’d been inspired by their research of artists who’ve previously made work at the museum:  Ilana Halperin, Jamie Shovlin, Jacob Cartwright and Nick Jordan, and Jordan Baseman.

Now all these artists can join the likes of Turner Prize nominated Lucy Skaer who also uses museum objects in her work.


The Go Between conference October 8, 2009

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thegobetweenpicJust back at the museum for the first time since The Go Between conference in Cardiff and was fantastic to get stuck straight back in with two busy art sessions following the summer break and then doing lots of talking about it at the conference.  This morning started with AS students exploring the herbarium and then this afternoon I took another group to Entomology and then handled and drew some insects with them up in the lab – another hectic schedule behind the scenes at the museum then!  So it was great to be doing all the fantastic things that we’d been telling people about back in Cardiff.

It felt that Manchester was certainly on to a good thing at the conference which was centered around the idea that the artist can act as ‘go between’ for museums and audiences – although it soon became clear that the artist can take on many other roles and responsibilities in museums and that artists are not the only creative people in museums.  Plenty more questions were asked with varying degrees of seriousness,  such as:  who is ultimately responsible for the knowledge in museums?  who makes that knowledge?  could artists replace curators ?(!) how creative can museums be?  what does the visitor/audience/participant think of all this?  how might this mean communities can get more involved in museums?

Peter Jenkinson, the man responsible for Creative Partnerships and New Art Gallery Walsall also reminded us that ‘in between is a good place to be’.