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The Go Between July 21, 2009

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DSC00638The secondary learning team have had our paper accepted for ‘The Go Between’ conference at National Museum Cardiff and ATRiuM on 9-11 September 2009.  University of Manchester Art History PHD student Jen Ashton and I will be writing and delivering the paper which stems from our work on Pathways and Progressions and from our work with engage’s enquire project.

The paper asks, how can art promote learning in workshops for secondary school students in museums with regard to its people, spaces and collections? Jen and I are co-writing the paper so we’re working hard to think about what’s important for each of us to include and to review the past three year’s research we’ve invested into this area of work for the Secondary Learning Team.

Our colleagues David Gelsthorpe and Leander Wolstenholme are also presenting at the conference and will tell their story from the curator’s point of view.  So watch out Wales, Manchester Museum is coming!

For more information or to book a place at the conference go to:  http://www.glam.ac.uk/cci


One Response to “The Go Between”

  1. David Gelsthorpe Says:

    Good to hear you will be at the conference too. It will be really interesting to find out how other museums and galleries work with artists.

    I’m sure you’d agree that working in collaboration with artists is always really fruitful and gives a new prespective on the collection.

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