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The Manchester Museum is the lead museum in the North West Manchester cluster in a national project about art and learning for engage called ‘enquire’

Recycled paper insects and poetry June 9, 2009

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What better way to think about what ‘going green’ means to us than by making poetry from recycled words and sticking it onto the back of a recycled paper insect for it to scuttle or flutter away with?  That’s just what we did on Saturday and now here’s our chance to show you what we came up with.

To see more go to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/enquiremanchester/sets/72157619400699553/

Hear what I had to say following the event on Saturday

Here’s how to make your own recycled insects and recycled poetry:

– have a close look at some insects – find one outside, come and take a look at ours on display at the museum or check our collections pages on the web

– take some recycled paper or card, glue or tape and a pair of scissors and just get experimenting – you might want to make your insect 2D, 3D, big or small

– now for the poetry – scan through your recycled paper (newspapers and magazines are perfect for this) and pull out words that mean something to you and what you’re thinking, or you might just think they sound nice

– then stick your words on the back of your insect however makes you happy

Tip – you can also have fun holding your insect in front of a projector or lamp to make it giant sized


Big Saturday – Go Green! June 2, 2009

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This Saturday (6 June, 11-4) the lab on the 3rd floor of the museum will be transformed into an artist’s studio.  We’ll be taking over the whole space with paper butterflies, bees and beetles and setting them free to run away with our ideas.

After thinking about all the ideas around sustainability of our planet that will be going on all around the museum, we’ll have the chance to create something which develops our ideas and shares our thoughts with other people.

We’ll be asking the whole museum to help us out by supplying all the paper we’ll need to make paper poetry and creepy crawlies to carry it away.  Then the whole lot will be recorded and added to flickr for people around the world to see, enjoy and be inspired by.