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The Manchester Museum is the lead museum in the North West Manchester cluster in a national project about art and learning for engage called ‘enquire’

Rounding up enquire project May 26, 2009

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Headed down to London last Wednesday to go to a project sharing seminar for all the museums, galleries, teachers and artists who’d taken part in enquire around the country over the past  year.

Was great to hear what everyone had been up to and to bring the Curator of Secondary Learning and the artist who worked on the project along too.  We were the last to present our project so having the artist along to talk about her side of things really brought everything to life – especially as there were only two other artists presenting.

We also spent some time chatting to Angela Cowan from FACT in Liverpool (thanks to her helping us out with some technical issues with our presentation) and it was interesting to chat about our projects and what we shared dispite the differences between our venues.  Hope we can catch up again soon and maybe continue to learn more from each other in the future.