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The Manchester Museum is the lead museum in the North West Manchester cluster in a national project about art and learning for engage called ‘enquire’

Reporting March 24, 2009

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Submitted the enquire report last week.  Wow, it was a feat just to try and fit everything into a readable managable document.  I was really proud of all we had achieved and it was great to see the bigger picture and work ounderstand how everyone had worked together via their project diaries.

Both me and the teachers really benefited from having a consultant teacher around for the project.  He was a retired teacher who had the time and experience to reflect on the sessions, offer advice and provide a support for teachers during the sessions.  Through the consultant teacher’s presence I gained confidence in my approach to teachers knowing that I’d discussed any potential worries or problems with him.  One of the teachers said that having the consultant teacher around made her feel more relaxed because he understood how she was feeling and why she might feel stressed.  This reminded me how strange it must be for teachers to have other people coming in and ‘taking over’ their lessons.

The teachers we’ve worked with have been really supportive of two very open-ended and experimental projects and its made for a really exciting few months for them, for the artists, for the curators at the museum, for me and even the students as well!


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