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The Manchester Museum is the lead museum in the North West Manchester cluster in a national project about art and learning for engage called ‘enquire’

ReCurate – by Dena Bagi January 29, 2009

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The project is nearing the half way stage and will eventually enable its participants to re-curate over Manchester Museums’ Human Remains collection with contemporary art installations or interventions. So far, the girls have grasped the concept of manipulating an audiences ‘experience’ with a collection.

The participants have had talks from Curators and Educators and have documented their developing thoughts and opinions surrounding this subject. They have documented this using numerous visual arts and drama techniques and process’s. They have subsequently formed their own complex opinions about the display of Human Remains and have started to think of ways that they can effectively convey this to the visitors to Manchester Museum on the 7th of March 2009.

It’s now time for the participants to put together some initial designs for their installations or interventions. In the last session the girls ‘tested’ out some of their ideas. These ideas included: vibrating interpretation, playing the national anthem and an intervention, which would ask visitors to the Museum to complete a 3-minute silence every hour!

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